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Designing and Understanding Visual Sensemaking


Welcome to my homepage.

I am a research scientist in the Creative Technologies Lab at Adobe Research. Before joining Adobe, I was a postdoctoral scholar at the Department of Computer Science of Stanford University, working with Jeffrey Heer. I completed my PhD in the Human-Centered Computing program at Georgia Tech in spring 2012, advised by John Stasko.

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Research Interests

My research focuses on enabling effective analysis and presentation of abstract data through interactive visualization techniques and systems. Despite advances in automated algorithms and systems, human judgment remains indispensable in data analysis. Visual representations of data can augment human abilities to identify patterns beyond statistical summaries, to provide flexibility in hypothesis formation, and to support domain knowledge integration in model building. In addition, visualization is an effective means for non-technical data enthusiasts to understand data and communicate insights.

The variety and volume of modern datasets and the diverse application scenarios present many challenges in providing effective, scalable, and expressive visualization technologies. My research employs multiple methods to addresses these challenges:

  1. designing effective visualization and interaction techniques
  2. building scalable and human-centric analytic systems
  3. studying human cognition in visual analysis processes

For details on my research work, please visit my Projects page.


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