Zhicheng Liu

Research on Human-Data Interaction


Publications: VAST’11, IVS’13
Video (System Overview and Usage Scenario): Watch online
Collaborators: Shamkant Navathe and John Stasko

Tabular data is pervasive in the form of spreadsheets and relational databases. Although tables often describe multivariate data without explicit network semantics, it may be advantageous to explore the data modeled as a graph or network. Even when a given table design conveys some static network semantics, it may be necessary to look at multiple networks from different perspectives, at different levels of abstraction, and with different edge semantics.

Ploceus offers a general approach for performing multi-dimensional and multi-level network-based visual exploration on multivariate tabular data. Powered by an underlying relational algebraic framework, Ploceus supports flexible construction and transformation of networks through a direct manipulation interface, and integrates dynamic network modeling with visual exploration for a seamless analytic experience.

If you have interesting data and think Ploceus may help, let us know! We are always interested in potential opportunities to collaborate and to improve Ploceus. Please send a note to Zhicheng “Leo” Liu at zliu6 at gatech dot edu.

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